December 2011 Bike of the Month
Bike of the Month Larry Horn with his 1950/52 Norvin

Make: Norvin
Frame: Norton Featherbed
Country of Origin: England
Engine:Vincent 1000cc Twin
Transmission: 4 speed
Owner: Larry Horn
City: Huntington Beach

1950/52 Norvin

Congratulations to Larry Horn of Huntington Beach for winning Bike of the Month with his 1950/52 Norvin. This is Larry's second win this year. In May he won with his 1955 Velocette MSS.

This bike has always been one of my favorites, but Larry usually leaves early before the votes can be counted. Larry bought the Vincent 1000cc V-Twin engine in 1968 and the Norton Manx Featherbed frame in 1969. By 1971 the bike was road worthy.

The front end is all Italian with Ceriani forks and Grimeca brakes. The speedometer is a rare Vincent 5" Clock. Larry was pointing out what a tight fit the engine is in this frame. The exhaust pipes are extremely close to the front frame tube.

Far from a trailer queen, this bike is ridden. In 1997 Larry rode from border to border, Canada to Mexico approximately 1700 miles down the west coast.

Thank you Larry for bringing it to our meet. See all the photos in our December Gallery.

The Bike of the Month contest is held monthly at the Vintage Bike OC meet. Qualifying motorcycles must be 30 years old or older. Former Bike of the Month winning bikes are not eligible to win again. Anyone attending the meet is eligible to enter a qualifying bike in the contest and vote for their favorite bike. The winning bike is chosen by a popular vote and is featured on the Home page for one month and in this feature article. The Bike of the Month articles are permanent content on the site.

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