November 2007 Bike of the Month
View in Gallery Ernesto Quiroga with his 1972 Ducati Desmo 450

Make: Ducati
Country of Origin: Bologna, Italy
Model: Desmo 450 Super Sport
Engine: 450cc single cylinder.
Year: 1972
Owner: Ernesto Quiroga, Long Beach
1972 Ducati Desmo 450 Super Sport

This is a highly customized Ducati Desmo 450. The frame and engine are original, but the rest is custom. Ernesto has only owned this bike for about 3 months, and bought it as is. Hmm... "as is" sounds like it didn't come with a Warranty.

The tank is an Imola 3/4 tank the same style as a Ducati 750. The brakes and suspension are all changed from the original. Well our croud doesn't seem to be hung up on originality, because this bike virtually stole all the votes. Ernesto promised that he would bring one of his other five bikes next month. I'm anxious to see what else he has. Thanks Ernesto for bringing this bike out for us to see.
The Bike of the Month contest is held monthly at the Vintage Bike OC meet. Qualifying motorcycles must be 30 years old or older. Former Bike of the Month winning bikes are not eligible to win again. Anyone attending the meet is eligible to enter a qualifying bike in the contest and vote for their favorite bike. The winning bike is chosen by a popular vote and is featured on the Home page for one month and in this feature article. The Bike of the Month articles are permanent content on the site.

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