October 2022 Bike of the Month
Bike of the Month Dale Samford of Midway City with his Briggs & Stratton Motorbike

Make: Custom built
Model: Briggs & Stratton
Year: 1970's era
Country of Origin: USA
Engine: 13 cu in (5 hp)
Transmission: single auto clutch
Owner: Dale Samford
City: Midway City

Briggs & Stratton Motorbike

Congratulations to Dale Samford of Midway City for winning Bike of the Month with his Briggs & Stratton Motorbike. Dale won a plaque provided by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys.

This is the first time in our history where a fully custom built bike won Bike of the Month. Sometimes I struggle with what should be allowed in the contest, but at the end of the day it's "People's Choice". If the People's don't like it, they won't vote for it, and if it doesn't get votes it won't win...

So... The people have spoken!

Dale said he's been building motorbikes for 30 years. He's inspired by the original motorcycles of the early 20th century and Whizzer's of mid-century.

The engine is a 13 cubic inch, 5 horsepower Brigg's & Stratton lawnmower engine. It has a single speed auto clutch out of a go-cart, and uses a Whizzer drive train to get power to the rear wheel.

The frame came from Banzai Machine in Huntington Beach. It was a project that they started and weren't interested in finishing. Dale took it over an finished it nicely. The tank and fork are from a moped and the front brake is from a 125 dirt bike for good stopping. The rear brake is a coaster brake.

Dale says that it likes to cruise at 35mph so you need so good brakes.

Custom Design Work
A lot goes into a project like this that's not immediately apparent to the casual observer. Dale designed an internal compression relief system that's controlled by a lever on the left handlebar grip. It lifts the exhaust valve to allow the motor to turn over for easier starting.

Alternative Uses
Dale pointed out that the air intake tube from the carburetor to the head is a section of a 10 speed bicycle dropped handlebar. It looks factory to me.

Thank you Dale for bringing your creation out for all of us to see. See all the photos in our October Gallery.

The Bike of the Month contest is held monthly at the Vintage Bike OC meet. Qualifying motorcycles must be 30 years old or older. Former Bike of the Month winning bikes are not eligible to win again. Anyone attending the meet is eligible to enter a qualifying bike in the contest and vote for their favorite bike. The winning bike is chosen by a popular vote and is featured on the Home page for one month and in this feature article. The Bike of the Month articles are permanent content on the site.

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