October 8, 2023
October Vintage Bike OC Meet
Clay Smith Cams sticker

Huntington Beach, Calif. - It was a hot October day today, and I think that may have kept some people home. We still had a great meet with many cool bikes to check out. Grand total at the end we had 49 bikes.

BAM: Breakdown and Legal Assistance for Motorcyclists
Venessa, a So Cal Marketing Representative for Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys spent her Sunday afternoon with us promoting their BAM program. Learn more about it at:

J. D. Tone rolled up today on his 1939 Indian Sport Scout that looked as good today as it did when he won Bike of the Month back in July 2008. Unfortunately as our rules go, it wasn't in the contest today.

Dave Zamiska shows up almost every month, and his 1954 BSA A7-500 is still as nice as it was in August 2011 when he won Bike of the Month.

Of course we also had Mike Jungblood and his gang of Velocette hooligans. This anti social gang never wants to be part of the contest, but they're always a hit at the meet.

The Bike of the Month votes were spread fairly closely among six bikes. First place squeeked by with a slim margin, and two people tied for Second place. The three Honorable Mentions are:
Doc Stirling with is 1964 Triumph TR6SC
Steve Woods with his 1963 Honda CL72
Mark Wing with his Honda Trail 70 modified to haul his chair. Mark has making mods to his bikes for the past year to allow him to continue his love of motorcycles.

Bike of the Month - Kenny Tran
Kenny Tran of Santa Ana with his 1964 Honda CB77 Super Hawk
Kenny Tran of Santa Ana with his 1964 Honda CB77 Super Hawk

Congratulations to first timer Kenny Tran of Santa Ana for winning Bike of the Month with his 1964 Honda CB77 Super Hawk.

Kenny won the Bike of the Month plaque provided by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys.

Kenny's father, Charlie Tran restored this CB77 about five years ago.

Read all about Kenny's 1964 Honda CB77 Super Hawk on our Bike of the Month page.

Second Place Tie - Steve Ames
Steve Ames of Santa Ana with his 1974 Norton Commando 850 Hi-Rider
Steve Ames of Santa Ana with his 1974 Norton Commando 850 Hi-Rider.

This Hi-Rider is a rare factory build and nearly 100% original. Steve has owned it for 18 years. He upgraded the carbs to more reliable modern models.

Steve also won Bike of the Month in January 2022 with his 1992 BMW R100 GS. The newest bike ever to win.

Second Place Tie - Mike Lakes
Mike Lakes of Garden Grove with his 1979 Honda CB-X 1000
Mike Lakes of Garden Grove with his 1979 Honda CB-X 1000.

You can't go wrong with six cylinders and 1000cc. Another first timer, Mike Lakes has only owned his CB-X for around five months. It came from the estate of a Costa Mesa rider. Mike has been doing some work getting it back on the road after being stored for some time.

I've seen a lot of CB-X's at the meet, and this one seemed very familiar.

Thanks to everyone for showing up and making this another great event. A special thanks to John Zindler for helping out with the voting. I'll see you at next month's meet, November 12, 2023.

Keep On Ridin',
Joe Kagerer

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