June 11, 2023
June Vintage Bike OC Meet
Huntington Beach sticker

Huntington Beach, Calif. - We combated a bit of the June Gloom today but it ended up being a great meet 70 people brought their bikes for the show. Many first time bikes were there today and the voting was spread thin across the board.

BAM: Breakdown and Legal Assistance for Motorcyclists
Venessa, a So Cal Marketing Representative for Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys spent her Sunday afternoon with us promoting their BAM program. Learn more about it at:

Bike of the Month - Doug Rickertsen
Doug Rickertsen of Huntington Beach with his 1975 Honda MT250 Elsinore
Doug Rickertsen of Huntington Beach with his 1975 Honda MT250 Elsinore

Congratulations to Doug Rickertsen of Huntington Beach for winning Bike of the Month with his 1975 Honda MT250 Elsinore.

He's placed Second with this bike a couple of times in the past, today he finally got his well deserved win.

This is the third time he has won Bike of the Month. Here's the run down:
August 2022 - 1975 Honda MR50
April 2021 - 1971 Honda SL125

Read all about Doug's 1975 Honda MT250 on our Bike of the Month page.

Second Place - Clive Brooks
Clive Brooks of Orange with his 1961 BSA Super Rocket 650
Clive Brooks of Orange took Second place with his 1961 BSA Super Rocket 650.

Clive has been involved in Vintage motorcycles for a many years, he ran the BSA Owner's Club of Southern Califoria for a long time.

He has owned the BSA for 30 years. When he originally bought it, it was a chopper. He returned it to it's present condition, mostly stock with some newer parts added for better performance. The 1961 Super Rocket was known as a "Pre Unit" where the transmission and the engine are in two separate units.

Third Place - Marc D'Ambrosio
Marc D'Ambrosio of Orange with his 1974 CZ Type 477
Marc D'Ambrosio of Orange with his 1974 CZ Type 477

Mark has also been involved in the Orange County Vintage motorcycle scene for years. For many years he ran a Thursday evening meetup in Anaheim Hills.

The Czechoslovakian made CZ is 100% original with only 570 original miles on the clock. Mark rode the 175cc single down from Orange today, avoiding the freeways.

Thanks to everyone for showing up and making this another great event. A special thanks to John Zindler for helping out with the voting.

I'll see you all next month on July 9, 2023.

Keep On Ridin',
Joe Kagerer

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