October 2009 Bike of the Month
Bike of the Month Angelo Tafarella and his 1935 Triumph T80

Make: Triumph
Model: T80 Tiger
Country of Origin: England
Engine: 350cc Single
Transmission: 4 speed
Year: 1935
Owner: Angelo Tafarella, Garden Grove, CA

1935 Triumph T80 Tiger Messenger

Congratulations to Angelo Tafarella for winning Bike of the Month with his 1935 Triumph T80 Tiger.

This was Angelo's first time at our meet, and even though he arrived a little later, his bike got a lot of attention.

Angelo bought this bike seven years ago from a guy from India. This bike was originally in India before it was inherited and brought to the USA. This pre-war model was built in the Triumph factory which was bombed during the WWII. According to Angelo, fifty Triumph employees lost their lives in that bombing. After the war, BSA took over manufacturing the Triumph brand.

This bike is the military version, but it was built to be used for Messengers. It's mostly original, except for the carburator which is and Indian made Mikc Fire carb. An upgrade from the original Amal carb. Angelo believes that all the chrome parts, including the rims were standard on the Messenger bikes. It also has a unique side stand that only a photo can do justice.

Take a better look at this piece of history in our October Gallery. Thank you Angelo for bringing it to the meet.

If you're interested in more history on Triumph, Angelo sent me this link: Triumph History

The Bike of the Month contest is held monthly at the Vintage Bike OC meet. Qualifying motorcycles must be 30 years old or older. Former Bike of the Month winning bikes are not eligible to win again. Anyone attending the meet is eligible to enter a qualifying bike in the contest and vote for their favorite bike. The winning bike is chosen by a popular vote and is featured on the Home page for one month and in this feature article. The Bike of the Month articles are permanent content on the site.

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