January 10, 2016
January Vintage Bike OC Meet
Signed Suzuki Tank


Huntington Beach, Calif. - Today was our 100th Meet since I took it over back in August 2007. El Niņo held back it's fury and gave us a cool dry afternoon. The weather may have held some people back but we had a great meet with 56 bikes.

We had several new and interesting bikes to see today. Matthew Griffen, Assistant Principal of Savanna High School in Anaheim brought his 1974 Suzuki TS 250L which was brought back to life by the auto shop class taught by Robert Turner. Each student who participated signed the tank.

Carole Wink and Bill Brodek were here all the way from Carson City Nevada. Carole and Bill planned on bringing their rare 1950 Vincent Comet, unfortunately they had trailer issues and the bike was a few miles away in their toy hauler. Bill owns thirty motorcycles and showed me his photo album of his nice collection.

Bike of the Month
Craig Rich of Norwalk took first place with his 1947 Velocette KSS. Craig won a Mr. Pete's Grill gift certificate. This one of four Velocettes that Craig owns. He's owned the bike for five months. He bought it as a rolling basket case, every peice on the bike has been gone through. Craig also won Bike of the Month back in February 2008 with his 1947 Velocette MSS. Read all about the KSS on our Bike of the Month page.

Second Place Tie
Mike Jongblood (Mr. Velocette) of Anaheim was close behind Craig with his 1948 Velocette KSS. Mike didn't want to include his bike in the competition, I'm glad he did. Mike won Bike of the Month back in February 2010 with his 1963 Velocette Venom Clubman.

Dave Zamiska of Huntington Beach was tied for Second with his 1972 BSA Lightning 650. Dave has placed many times in the past with his nicely restored bike. Dave won Bike of the Month back in August 2011 with his 1954 BSA A7-500.

Fourth Place
Grant Lappe of Huntington Beach came in Fourth with his 1963 Honda Superhawk. Grant's Frankenstein Honda is made up of parts from six different years. The 1963 frame is mated with a 1975 CB400 inline four cylinder which he said "bolted right in, (after a few mods)" Grant won Bike of the Month back in July 2011 with his 1975 Honda Trail 70 Custom.

Thanks to everyone for showing up and making this another great event and a special thanks to my team, Tom & Debbie Hopkins and Hobo John. I'll see you next month on Valentine's Day February 14, 2016.

Keep On Ridin',
Joe Kagerer

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